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Pricing for Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Milwaukee, WI

As the leading sewer and drain company in Southeastern Wisconsin, ABC Sewer and Drain Cleaning prioritizes transparent, low up-front pricing. Our commitment to efficiency and quick service sets us apart, making us your go-to solution for clogged drains, backed-up sewers, and more. We use industry-leading equipment and have the largest fleet of trucks in all of Milwaukee! View our latest Sewer and Drain Cleaning specials below:

Note: Pricing is per individual drain. For multiple drains, the most expensive drain is charged first. Additional drains are 1/2 of the regular rate.

Standard Rate

Sewers, Floor Drains, Stacks
(Lines 2″ or Larger)

Standard Rate

Sinks, Urinals, Toilets
(Lines 1.5″ Smaller)

Standard Rate

Water Jetting – Available Seasonally
(Call to inquire)

Standard Rate

1st Hour – Video Sewer Inspection & Locating.
$99/Hour for every additional hour

Standard Rate

Removal of Toilet

Standard Rate

Sewer Lines Over 100′
(Additional Charge)

Special Rate
Times 1.5 for Non-Business Hours
  • Weekdays: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Weekends: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Special Rate
Times 2.0 for Overnight Hours
  • Any day: 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM

Take Advantage of Our Specials Today!

At ABC Sewer and Drain Cleaning, we pride ourselves on fast and affordable service. Contact us today to take advantage of these amazing deals while they last!

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